We check equipment for you just in time to bid at auction

Basic Equip Check Report


This check includes:

Description of General Appearance

  • New Paint
  • Missing Glass
  • Oil Leaks
  • Water Leaks

Procedure for Starting the machine

  • Smooth Cranking of Machine
  • Cold Start Noises
  • Battery Conditions

Condition Report of Tires

Movement of Equipment

  • All Gears Working Forward and Reverse
  • Working Machine at 10-minute Range Condition

The Go To Equip Check Report


This check includes:

Entire Basic Equip Report

Safety Report

  • Alarms
  • Horns
  • Seat Belts
  • Safety Lock Out / Stop
  • Safety Manual
  • Log of Dated Maintenance

Control Instruments

  • Gauges
  • Steering
  • Oil Pressure
  • Warning Lights
  • Hour Meter / Odometer
  • Air Condition
  • Cooling System Leaks


  • Transmission
  • Rear Drive Axle
  • Front Drive Train


  • Pumps
  • Hydraulic Tanks
  • Hoses Conditions

Platinum Equip Check Report


This check includes:

Both the Basic an Go To Check Reports

Oil Sample Analysis (Time Fram Appropriate)

Equipment Check Insurance*

Market Trend Analysis

Equipment Purchasing Counseling

Carfax Report

Seller Report (Why Selling, Sellers Rating, Jobsite)

*Equipment Check Insurance will apply on machines with Platinum Equipment Check Report Purchase. The equipment will have a 30-Day from purchase warranty or 10 Hour meter run time whichever comes first. The Entire Purchase price will be returned to buyer accept for shipping cost. Buyer will be paid in full with the exception of, the Equipment Report Purchase. To receive the refund the machine will have to be something of nature the inspector did not see or list in the equipment report